ThinkSharp is an Social Startup Incubated at Bhau Institute is recognized by newspapers in Maharashtra for their outstanding work in the field of Education.

Thinksharp Foundation is non profit organisation founded by Mr.Santosh Phad, a first-generation social entrepreneur with the vision “ To bridge the Rural-Urban education divide”.Thinksharp believe that every child has a right for better education. They should have the opportunity to access the education they deserve.

Thinksharp have set up StudyMall in 35 rural Government schools in different villages, benefiting to more than 6500 children and 150+ teachers in 9 districts.

Awards & Recognitions 

Thinksharp have received numerous awards at state and national level including

Digital Trail Blazer by India Today, HP India and KPMG at both state and national level in 2016.

HOPE Award for Best NGO in rural education 2018.

Thinksharp founder Mr.Santosh Phad is awarded top 50 social innovator (Global Listing) by World CSR and Awarded Top 100 Social Entrepreneurs by Action for India Forum founded by Sam Pitroda.