Venture Creation
Gain knowledge of mitigating start-up risks by
developing and validating business concept using
the latest tools and strategies. Topics include
defining and refining the idea, developing the
opportunity, marketing and financing plans that
target the right market with the right strategy and
messaging at the right time.
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Who is it for / Who
Should Participate!
Individuals exploring self-employment career
Budding entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship trainers
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Value proposition / Program Takeaways

  • Learn about the traits, habits, and approaches of successful entrepreneurs
  • Learn about the importance of ethics, etiquette, and communication skills for entrepreneurial success
  • Understand the attributes of and develop a fundable entrepreneurial business plan
  • Learn tools and techniques for identifying, acquiring, and retaining customers
  • Learn how to perform industry and market analysis
  • Learn how to build and manage a high functioning team
  • Importance of and approaches to recruiting impactful advisory board
  • Learn how to manage finances using financial statements and tools
  • Learn about the importance of and approaches to using current technology trends in the industry to build sustainable brand, and competitive advantage
  • Gain knowledge of start-up valuation techniques, funding sources, and fundraising strategies
  • Learn about bootstrapping, lean launch strategies, and managing cash flow to navigate funding death valley

Sample Syllabus

Module 1 : Being an Entrepreneur

1.Entrepreneurship types and modules
2.Skills, traits, and habits of successful entrepreneurs
3.Essential ethics, etiquette, communication skills
4.Technology Entrepreneurship
5.Social Entrepreneurship
6.Identifying and leveraging local entrepreneurship ecosystem
7.Impact of current technology trends

Module 2 : Creating a Startup

1.Creativity and ideation process
2.Start-up business Modelling and business plans
3.Organisation and team development
4.MVP and product validation
5.Market and industry analysis
6.Competitive advantage
7.Competitive analysis
8.Customer acquisition strategies
9.Start-up finance

Module 3 : Pitching a Startup

1.Start-up fundraising strategies
2.Start-up funding sources
3.Start-up validation
4.Start-up exit strategies
5.Business plan presentation

  • This program is designed for those students who wish to form their own businesses at some stage in their careers.
  • Learn the importance of the business plan as preparation for launching your business venture, managing the business and obtaining investor funding.
  • Students participate in a collaborative workshop environment with other students to write, review, critique, present and develop business planning, writing and communication abilities. Complete a comprehensive business plan and learn successful strategies to present a business plan to partners and potential investors.
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