Special Incubation Program for
Startups in Cyber Security and Surveillance domain


What will you get?

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Open or Closed desk space.Open or Closed desk space.
  • High Speed Internet access over Wi-Fi and LAN.
  • Use of shared facilities like conference rooms, faculty rooms, classrooms and training rooms, printing can be availed subject to the availability.

Technical and Business Mentoring

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions for idea validation and refinement, business plan development, defining minimum viable product, go-to-market plans, customer identification and partnering.
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions for idea validation and refinement, business plan development, defining minimum viable product, go-to-market plans, customer identification and partnering.
  • Access to external service providers for legal, finance, accounting, marketing communications and IPR.• Access to ongoing expert sessions on business & technology development throughout the incubation program.

Industry Networking

  • Regular networking events with other entrepreneurs and industry experts. Regular networking events with other entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Access to industry organisations for product validation, testing, and pilot customers.
  • Publicity for your startup in local media and visibility with various national and international industry and government visitors to Bhau Institute.

Seed Funding Support

  • Opportunity to pitch products to angel and other investor partners.
  • Opportunities to showcase products in various events, including a demo day for pitching to investors, industry and government partners.
  • Assist in preparation of funding proposals for seeking Government funds and banking loans.


Eligibility and

Selection Criteria

  • Applicant should have a business idea in Cyber Security, Information Security, or Surveillance.

  • Selection will be based on the commercial viability of your business idea, innovative technology, the possibility of patenting, market opportunity, scalability of the product/business, the uniqueness of business proposition, and team strength.


How does it work if I have only an idea or a concept and not a design/prototyping ready?
We have customised our “Pre-Incubation” programs to cater to all candidates. Bhau Institute will assist and guide you to get your idea/ concept validated and refined to suit market requirements. Once validated, Bhau Institute will help you take it to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage.
What is the Selection Process?
Step 1: Apply to the program through our website www.bhau.org by filling out and submitting the application form.

Step 2: Shortlisting of startups for a personal interview.

Step 3: Interview will be conducted in person or via Skype for the shortlisted startups.

Step 4:  Incubation program will start for the selected startups after passing through the interview process.

Do I and/or the team need to physically relocate to Pune for this program?
NO. It is not necessary to get relocated to Pune fulltime for this program. We have customised our incubation programs to cater to all candidates. Our “Pre-Incubation” and “Virtual Incubation” (link to existing virtual incubation information on bhau.org) programs can support offsite startups. Majority of the meetings, business, and technical mentoring can be conducted remotely.

While we support virtual incubation, we will expect you to be physically present for detailed review once in 2-3 months, investor’s event, and specific technical and business training, workshops related to the further maturation of your startups.

Is there any joining fee to participate in the program?
NO. There is no joining fee or any other charges for joining the program. However, once your idea gets validated and is selected for the full incubation program, startups need to pay minimal charges depending upon the type of incubation chosen.
Do you provide accommodation and travel reimbursements for the startups team during the course of the program?
How long does the pre-incubation program typically last?
Depends on how much time you are able to put in into the identified tasks in your customized plan of action; typically less than 6 months assuming you are able to dedicate 10hrs/week to your idea/project.
Do I need to share IP ownership with the program partners?
NO. The IP ownership will remain with the startups.
Does Bhau Institute provide seed funding?
No. Bhau institute do not provide any upfront seed funding. Once your idea gets validated, Bhau Institute will help you to raise funds with the help of our ecosystem partners of Seed/Angel investors. Bhau Institute will also provide you information on the various government funding schemes. In addition, Bhau Institute will provide you with help in kind via our various technology and industry partners to bring your idea to the minimum viable product (MVP) stage.
My startup is already funded and has an upfront valuation. Can I still apply?
YES. An already funded startup is also eligible for the incubation program. However, terms and conditions vary in this case. Please get in touch with us.
I’m a mid-career person working in industry with an Idea/Project. I want to pursue on the side and over the weekends. May I apply?
Absolutely yes, we highly encourage mid-career and experienced professionals to apply.

About Bhau Institute


“Bhau means elder brother. Elder brother is unique person for younger siblings in Indian Culture.” You enjoy a special relationship with your elder brother; he is the one you lean on for guidance, support and a helping hand in all your adventures. He allows you to fall down; helps pick yourself up and run again. He provides just enough guidance to get you going and gradually launches you into the real world. This is the spirit for BHAU institute – It will encourage students not only to find their own calling but go after it unleashing their full potential. It will provide just enough guidance for them to support their dreams and ambitions. We desire our students to be entrepreneurs in their own right, finding their own place under the sun.

COEP’s Bhau Institute is an emerging world-class startup incubator in India. Bhau’s focus is to develop successful entrepreneurs in the technology areas of Healthcare technologies, Cyber Security, IoT and Grassroots innovations having a large social impact. We aim to build responsible entrepreneurs and create impactful startups by providing mentoring, entrepreneurship development training, industry connect, and fundraising support with the help of our global network of mentors, industry experts and investors.

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