Entrepreneurship cell at COEP

Entrepreneurship cell at COEP has witnessed a gradual increase in interest among the students in Pune since 2010. The cell has been organizing various fun and engaging events to inculcate an interest in the start-up culture. Various workshops have been conducted by eminent personalities to motivate the budding entrepreneurs and to teach them ABCs of business planning. The TBI will greatly improve the support to start-ups.

E-Cell Initiatives

Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive

In association with IIT Kharagpur which is aimed at encouraging students to take the leap towards being an entrepreneur


A simulation of IPL auctions as conducted in the classroom, proved to be a huge crowd puller as the participants experienced a spell of intensive planning, strategy and impulsive decision making

Business Baazigar

Sets a stage for new and promising start-ups to showcase and even sell their products/services to E-Fest participants having virtual money given by the organizers to spend at their stalls. The virtual money earned by the start-ups was matched by the organizers in real. It also gave them amazing exposure as Investors were present to scrutinize these start-ups.


An intense quiz competition where the participants faced questions on diverse aspects of business, coupled with tit-bits of trivia.

Bull Run

A game on a virtual stock market which taught participants to make wiser investments and helped them to make real-time decisions


Involved making posters on pre-defined products. Teams with qualifying posters were given a single product to make an advertisement on, each of which was recorded.

Tech for Nation

Was a series of seminars and workshops organized by the ED-Cell. The event shed light on skill development, role of engineering in rural development, social entrepreneurship and role of engineers in nation building. Symposium was a brainstorming session regarding “Stepping into the Start-up Era”


In collaboration with E-cell, IIM Calcutta and ED-Cell, COEP organized InnoVenture which was India’s 1st ideation-innovation-entrepreneurship event for children (8-13yrs) nurturing 21st-century skills such as Thinking, Creativity, Social & Emotional Learning, Communication and Practical Life skills and entrepreneurship education.

Coffee Meet

A platform for emerging entrepreneurs to network with each other and to discuss their problems, solutions and additional suggestions to improvise their start-ups.

Pep Talk

Was a one of its kind event where students put themselves in the shoes of a CEO facing a period of apocalypse and displayed their motivational speaking skills to fire up a pseudo-workforce.

The NGO Challenge

Was a test of the students’ social entrepreneurial skills to solve the challenge presented by Ecosan Services Foundation.

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