Element solutions Bhau Joint Technology Incubation Program

COEP’s Bhau Institute in Association with Cookson India Pvt. Ltd. (A unit of Element Solutions Inc.) presents Element solutions Bhau Joint Technology Incubation Program. The program provides opportunity to young entrepreneurs be able to leverage Bhau and Element Solutions resources to support the research and development of innovative products and then incubate them to be successful startups. Innovative idea applications are invited from entrepreneurs of India on following technologies:

1. Power Electronics

2. Medical Electronics

3. Sustainability

4. Water Technology

5. Advanced Materials

6. Recycling


What you will get?

1. Business Plan Guidance
2. Business & Technical Mentoring
3. Pitch Deck Preparation
4. 12 Months Incubation
5. Access to COEP Labs
6. Guidance To Apply For Government Funding Scheme
7. Prototype Development & Incubation Funding

How Bhau Institute will help in prototype development?
Bhau Institute has its own well-equipped maker space where startups can explore the design and development of their idea. Bhau Institute also has access to the laboratories available at COEP where a startup can check out the machinery and equipment required to fulfill the need for a prototype. Bhau Institute has third-party vendors and fabricators who can provide the physical product development at a negotiated cost. The startup can approach to these vendors and can reduce the time required for vendor and fabricator search.
What would be the incubation funding structure if we are selected?
After the selection, the Startup needs to present the time-based activities and milestones which they are going to achieve through this incubation and the funding associated with these milestones. After the review of a complete financial plan for these milestones, Bhau Institute will release the funds after the service availed or payment done by the startups. The fund release strictly depends on milestone completion.
Are individual mentors available for different startup Ideas?
Bhau Institute has its in-house mentors available for startups. Also, Bhau Institute has a pool of external mentors in business and technology areas from its network. As and when required Bhau Institute will be inviting its mentors to guide the startups.
On what criteria would the business Idea be selected during the process?
The criteria are: 1. Innovativeness of idea 2. Technology areas 3. Social and strategic impact 4. Market potential 5. Type of Potential customers 6. Founder and Team profiles
Can we have Counselling regarding our business even if the business idea is not selected?
Yes. Bhau Institute always inspires the innovators to work on ideas though it doesn’t get selected to its corporate incubation program. The startup ideas which are impactful but did not get selected in the corporate incubation will be guided and mentored through Bhau Institute. We also suggest the startups work on the given problem statements and reach out to us within three months’ time span if the innovator or startup founder wishes to get incubated at Bhau Institute.

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