Ignited Innovators of India (i2i)

  • To promote social entrepreneurship with a conviction that each one of us can be a change maker and that we can use our skills to help answer the multifaceted social problems.
  • To develop and support the social entrepreneurial attitude amongst students for addressing the issues of our fast growing society with a belief that each one of us can develop and apply compassion, innovation, team work and leadership to change the world around us for better.

Ignited Innovators of India (i2i) is a movement organized by the Bhau institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). i2i is a distinctive initiative of Bhau Institute, exercised with a well defined network of student ambassadors.  These ambassadors reach out to students across Indian colleges and provide them with an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs and bring about small but significant change in the world around them. The i2i initiative has been instituted to encourage students to take up innovative projects that hold potential to make a difference to the community. Eaton Corporation has been the sponsor of the i2i program for the past 5 years, and along with Bhau-COEP, has extended funding, mentoring and networking support to the participants at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Student Ambassadors

i2i is a vibrant team of over 200 student ambassadors. These are from COEP and from many other colleges from Maharashtra and beyond. They remain the core of i2i community. Field insights from ambassadors give Bhau an idea about how the world is moving and what is needed to be done. i2i believes that everyone can be a change maker. This translates into providing platform for more and more students and making their connection to social purpose. i2i empowers students to develop ideas that efficiently address problems, as may be needed, in their own community, place of work, society, city or country. Working with key partners across sectors, i2i-Bhau team and its energetic student community of ambassadors – the youthful change makers- develop and employ new thinking to solve problems.

Join if you want to

  • Make change in a world that needs leaders to step up today
  •  Witness your creation move from concept to certainty
  • Spearhead a project with a team of other like-minded students
  • Interact with the local community to understand and solve problems
  • Gain communication and personality development skills
  • Network with successful social entrepreneurs and student leaders
  • Build up your volunteer experiences towards leadership
  • Supplement your education with hands-on learning
  • Acquire skills of 21st Century towards a social cause

Apply if you

  • Are self motivated
  • Are attending college or university in India
  • Can involve at least 10 students from their respective campus in projects
  • Can spend at least 15 hours on project each month
  • Can attend a monthly meeting
  • Can submit mid-year and year-end reports
  • Can make a 6 month commitment


Students can participate in two ways: as a project participant, or as an ambassador, which is an active leadership role and comes with a performance based award system.

Student leader must

  • Be Self Motivated
  • Involve at least 5-10 students from their respective campus in Projects
  • Spend at least 20 hours on projects each month
  • Attend a monthly meeting
  • Submit mid-year and year-end reports
  • Make a 10 month commitment
  • Attend orientation and year-end function
  • Provide feedback to the authorities

Project Guidelines

The criteria for projects are as stated below

  • Must be a team project
  • Can be one-time or recurring projects.
  • Must have a social purpose
  • Budget provided is INR 0 to INR 6000 per project, if required more, then provided only after discussing quality of the project in detail
  • Mobilise students for exercising service to create local impact (no matter how “small”).
  • Must not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, religion, race, age, etc.

Project Focus Areas

3H(Health, Humanity, Hunger)







  • Best project for each sector
  • Best Ambassador Award
  • Best Philanthropist for the highest graded college
  • Overall Best Project

Work so Far

i2i social entrepreneurship concept has reached to over a million students.

Over 10,000 students have submitted project ideas so far

Over 5,000 students have executed more than 1,200 projects

COEP's Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership