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Ignited Innovators of India (i2i) is a movement organized by the Bhau institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). i2i is a distinctive initiative of Bhau Institute, exercised with a well defined network of student ambassadors. Eaton Corporation has been the sponsor of the i2i program for the past 7 years, and along with Bhau-COEP, has extended funding, mentoring and networking support to the participants at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Our Mission

To promote social entrepreneurship with a conviction that each one of us can be a change maker and that we can use our skills to help answer the multifaceted social problems.

Our Plan

To reach out to students across colleges in Maharashtra and encourage them to take up innovative projects that hold potential to make a significant difference to the community.

Our Vision

To develop the social entrepreneurial attitude amongst students with a belief that each one of us can develop and apply innovation, team work and leadership to make the world around us better.

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Bhau Institute, Beside COEP Boat Club,
College of Engineering,
Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005

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020 25570023
Snehal: 9370107234
Jayshree: 7507978690

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