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An entrepreneur has to make countless strategic and operational decisions, with limited information, in a rapidly evolving environment, in a time-constrained manner. Sub-optimal decisions can lead to adverse outcomes. The traditional entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare the entrepreneur by providing information and tools without understanding the immediate needs of the entrepreneur. At Bhau Institute, we believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverables that advance the state of their start-up.


This program is designed for students and budding entrepreneurs who are:

  • Interested in learning about entrepreneurship as a career and exploring their ideas
  • In very early stages of exploring technical and business validation of their business ideas.

Significant amount of training, basic level of business and technology validation mentoring, and access to networking events is provided for these entrepreneurs.

Physical Incubation

A selective and intensive program, with tangible outcomes for startup success. Companies selected in this program will have structured training, targeted mentoring, third-party service provider access, funding support, hand-on guidance and access to a global network of co-founders, mentors, investors, and services providers for the incubation period. Business innovation building on the principals of thematic-bundling, convergence of industries, and disruptive business models will be emphasized. Though Bhau Incubator will seek to support start-ups based on their potential impact, special consideration will be given to start-ups in the areas of IoT, HealthCare Technologies, Cyber Security, and Grassroots Innovations.


Resource constrained and early-stage entrepreneurs will be able to utilize the incubator resources to validate their business plans and launch their business in a cost effective manner without having to make significant financial and time commitment. They will be able to use all the facilities of Bhau Institute at a nominal fee along with required mentoring.

Virtual Incubation

To accommodate the demand and to meet the unique needs of a certain segment of startup companies, the incubator will have a virtual incubator program whereby the companies that do not get space at the incubation facility or that choose not to have a physical space but can avail of the benefits of the incubation programming. This will also be one of the ways in which the incubator will maintain a healthy pipeline of potential incubatee companies. Entrepreneurs will be able to:

  • Receiving mentoring on business opportunity validation
  • Access to training programs
  • Limited access to various networking events.

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