Internet of Things

IoT has become the focal point of research and innovation as the next frontier to generate economic growth. Societal development requires not only effective and extensive utilization of technologies but also requires that technologies operating on different platforms integrate across various platforms to deliver the maximum impact for the least cost in the shortest time.

IoT (Internet of Things) is among emerging technologies that will produce a million new opportunities in the next decade. Bhau institute also aligns itself with the DeitY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India) vision of “To develop connected, secure and smart IoT based systems for our country’s Economy, Society, Environment and Global needs”. Bhau Institute is focusing on IoT as one of the main focused areas for the reasons:

  • National Importance
  • The emerging demand from entrepreneurs and industry
  • Bridging the industry-institute gap in this space
  • Opportunity to make a significant impact and contribute to the development of this field.

Bhau Institute will try to capitalize on the market forces and work to provide a platform for Indian entrepreneurs and investors focused on innovation and integration in this space.

Few of the initiatives are:

  • Smart energy meters
  • Partnering with in as thrust area Community Partner to create an IoT Centre of Excellence at Bhau institute.
  • undertakes FREE upskilling of deserving students/ aspirants to help create startups in IoT. So far, this initiative has trained over 60 students and plans to train 120 more by the end of this year with the hope of creating some globally leading startups in IoT space.
  • Hold regular meet-ups at Bhau institute to bring together industry, entrepreneurs and academia.

The Govt. of India’s plan of developing 100 smart cities in the country could also lead to a massive and quick expansion of IoT in the country and Bhau institute would help create indigenous innovations and local entrepreneurs to help convert this vision into reality.


For more details please refer our partner website:

Eligibility &

Selection Criteria

  • Applicant should have a business idea in Cyber Security, Information Security, or Surveillance.
    Selection will be based on the commercial viability of your business idea, innovative technology, the possibility of patenting, market opportunity, scalability of the product/business, the uniqueness of business proposition, and team strength.


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