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Bhau’s Social Starup Featured in Newspaper for Outstanding Work

ThinkSharp is an Social Startup Incubated at Bhau Institute is recognized by newspapers in Maharashtra for their outstanding work in the field of Education.

Thinksharp Foundation is non profit organisation founded by Mr.Santosh Phad, a first-generation social entrepreneur with the vision “ To bridge the Rural-Urban education divide”.Thinksharp believe that every child has a right for better education. They should have the opportunity to access the education they deserve.

Thinksharp have set up StudyMall in 35 rural Government schools in different villages, benefiting to more than 6500 children and 150+ teachers in 9 districts.

Awards & Recognitions 

Thinksharp have received numerous awards at state and national level including

Digital Trail Blazer by India Today, HP India and KPMG at both state and national level in 2016.

HOPE Award for Best NGO in rural education 2018.

Thinksharp founder Mr.Santosh Phad is awarded top 50 social innovator (Global Listing) by World CSR and Awarded Top 100 Social Entrepreneurs by Action for India Forum founded by Sam Pitroda.

Inauguration of Dr Gauri Shah Innovation Lab


The Inauguration of Dr Gauri Shah Innovation lab at COEP’s Bhau Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership was held in S.L Kirloskar auditorium at Bhau Institute on 16th June 2019 the first Remembrance Day of Dr Gauri Shah. The occasion was attended by dignitaries, by friends and family of Dr Gauri.
Rajni and Sudhir Shah in remembrance of their daughter Gauri donated 1 crore rupees to COEP’s Bhau Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership through COEP’s Alumni association. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Shah Family and COEP’s Bhau Institute. The donations by Shah Family will be utilized for seed funding startups and also Best Ideation annual award in the name of Dr.Gauri Shah.
Gauri a COEP Alumni and best outgoing student of COEP for 1998 batch was an achiever. She completed her doctorate from prestigious Yale University. After working with global giants like IBM and Microsoft, she returned in India. Dr Gauri worked with Persistent Systems in India; she led the machine learning team in the company. Dr Gauri’s profluence in sports and other endeavors are equally recognized as her academic achievements. It was her passion for innovation and engineering that brought Dr Gauri to COEP as adjunct professor.
Dr Gauri Shah Innovation Lab is a symbol of passion and excellence for innovation of which Dr Gauri was the true promoter.

Robolab Technologies: Trailblazer of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Space

Robolab Technologies: Trailblazer of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Space

They take every initiative to make their products and services better. They walk that extra mile to make customers completely satisfied with their services. They keep researching and inventing so that clients can get the best value for their money and a remarkable experience. Robolab Technologies is that company which is doing these things to outpace their competitors.

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‘Tight The Nut’- Meet Co-Founder Azam Shaikh And Team –

‘Tight The Nut’- Meet Co-Founder Azam Shaikh And Team –

“We’re building an organization where designations do not define hierarchy,” affirm three mettlesome founders Akash Bhaltadak, Gaurav Sandhya and Azam Shaikh. 

Tight the Nut, their technology driven platform facilitates swift two-wheeler service city-wide with a chain of TTN standardized, certified service stations.

We met up with with co-founder Azam who talks about the startup and walks us through a day in his life at Tight the Nut.

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