Session name/topic: Orbit Shifting Strategy and Leadership

Speaker: Ms. Prabha Parthsarathy

Date: 4th October 2017

About session: Ms. Prabha Parthasarathy, Director Erehwon Innovation Consulting (Her profile is attached herewith) delivered this 3-hour session, which built inspiration and cutting-edge insights about:

  1. What differentiates Orbit Shifting Leaders and Organizations?
  2. How Mindset Gravity holds back organizations and evolve deep realization of key Mindset Shifts needed (Individual and leadership team level) to infuse to move to next level.
  3. Understanding Erehwon’s path breaking methodology “Orbit Shifting Innovation” and how it has been created impact in few select sectors and organizations.

Shifting reference points and crafting Orbit shifting Strategy – How to make this happen by design?