Venture Acceleration Program

This program is unique in its focus in that it seeks to transform an existing small business into a growth-oriented start-up by customizing and applying best practices from innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and organizational development domains with the goal of:

  • Inculcating best practices in family businesses
  • Attracting new talent and perspectives
  • Improving efficiency
  • Expanding sales
  • Increasing profitability
  • Attracting financial & strategic investors.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate leaders, and domain experts from India and abroad will provide topical education in modular approach utilizing latest tools, techniques and process including lectures, case studies, simulations, group exercises, networking sessions and company visits. At the completion of the program, the participants will have developed and initiated the implementation of a venture acceleration plan to scale up their business.

  • Life of an entrepreneur
  • venture life cycle
  • Business disruptors ha analytical methodologies
  • Policies and regulations
  • Competition
  • Stakeholder management
  • Business Ethics
  • Inspirational leadership
  • High performing teams
  • Influential Board members
  • Organisation disruptors
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Customer identification, acquisition, and retention
  • Innovation mindset
  • Minimum viable product
  • Product innovation
  • Market expansion
  • Financial statements development
  • Performance analysis
  • Fundraising sources and strategies
  • Intrinsic valuation
  • Market multiples
  • Exit Strategies and requirements
  • Investor pitch, plan and presentation

Presentation to investors, entrepreneurs and corporate executives

Who is it for / Who Should Participate

  • Small Business Owners
  • Second generation entrepreneurs
  • Professionals not satisfied with status quo
  • Entrepreneurs interested in acquisition or sale of small business
  • Small Business Financial and Strategic investors
  • Incubator & Accelerator managers and Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) at investment firms

Program Structure

  • 4 Weekend Modules
  • Breakfast & Lunch Provided
  • Guest Speakers and Company Visits
  • Lectures, Case Studies, simulations, & Team Working Sessions
  • Investor Presentation & Networking

Program Deliverables

  • Comprehensive Venture Acceleration Plan
  • Venture Acceleration Plan Implementation report covering all course takeaways
  • Investor Pitch & Presentation

Value proposition / Program Takeaways

  • The program will cover following know-hows

    • To be an effective entrepreneur and organizational leader
    • Identify, recruit, and engage impactful board members and mentors
    • Recruit, develop, and lead high functioning teams
    • Inculcate the best of both worlds family culture with best practices
    • Analyse business using core competency, industry structure, and stakeholder management frameworks
    • Become a customer-centric company and identify, acquire, & retain high-value low-cost customers
    • Develop sustainable, non-imitable, unique competitive advantage
    • Develop Minimum Viable Product and engage in continues product innovation
    • Leverage market forces and paradigm disruptors for business growth
    • Constructing financial statements and use financial analytics for performance measurement and monitoring
    • Value business and raise capital from investors
    • Buy or sell a business
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