Venture Launch
The Venture Launch Program is an extended
workshop where participants are not only
taught the strategies, tools, and processes
of creating & launching a new venture but are
also required to create and launch their
start-up as part of the program.
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Who is it for / Who
Should Participate
Budding Entrepreneurs
Start-up employees planning to launch their own venture
Young industry Professionals exploring self-employment as a career
Game changers – individuals with passion, vision, commitment, and great idea
Entrepreneurship educators
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Value proposition / Program Takeaways

  • Learn the traits, habits, ethics, etiquette, and communication skills of successful entrepreneurs
  • Understand the attributes of and develop a fundable entrepreneurial business plan
  • Learn key assessment and feasibility techniques including design thinking, product definition, and rapid iteration testing, and designing the minimum viable product
  • Acquire tools for assessing product and market fit including understanding target markets and market segmentation and performing effective industry and competitive analysis
  • Understand the importance of and approaches to building a high functioning team and impactful advisory board
  • Learn about the importance of and approaches to using Big Data, technology, web 2.0, and social media to build a sustainable brand and competitive advantage
  • Gain knowledge of start-up valuation techniques, funding sources, and fundraising strategies
  • Learn about bootstrapping, lean launch strategies, and managing cash flow to navigate funding death valley

Program Structure

  • 4 Modules – Being an Entrepreneur, Creating a venture, Running a start-up, & raising capital
  • A total 72 hours program conducted over 3 months with 2 sessions per week. Each session is of 3 hours.
  • Guest Speakers and Company Visits
  • Lectures, Case Studies, simulations, & Team Working Sessions

Sample Syllabus

  • Module 1

    : Being an Entrepreneur

    • Successful skills, traits and habits
    • Essential ethics, etiquette, and communications
    • Impact of Big Data, Web 2.0 , social media, and technological innovations
    • Elevator pitch
  • Module 2

    : Creating a Start-up

    • Innovative Business models and effective business plans
    • Legal structure and IP protection
    • Internal success drivers
    • MVP and product development
    • Competition and competitive advantage
    • Customer identification, engagement, acquisition, and retention
  • Module 3

    : Running a Start-up

    • Fieldwork – visit start-ups
    • Fieldwork – form a company
    • Fieldwork – developed the MVP
    • Fieldwork – engage and acquire a customer
    • Financial statements, models, and analytical tools for performance analysis, measurement, monitoring, and reporting
    • Post-program completion mentoring support
  • Module 4

    : Raising Capital

    • Intrinsic valuation
    • Market multiples
    • Exit Strategies and requirements
    • Fundraising sources and strategies
    • Investor plan and presentation
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