Growth and acceleration stage is an important phase of every start-up. The expectation of growth varies from anywhere between 75% to 100% growth Y-o-Y.  This phase involves growing your business exponentially.

The focus is on thorough learning program in which, we provide the experiences of growing their businesses through our mentor’s network. It also includes analysis of the issues and peer-to-peer interaction with the other organizations in the growth stage.

Classroom Learning

In addition to our VAP program, we also plan to have specific classroom sessions on how to improve operations, how to bring in efficiencies in the operations, how to better lead a team and company. These are conducted by entrepreneurs and leaders of organizations, who have done it before… Mainly we believe in “Been there and done that” concept for selection the faculty for the programs. The classroom learning has to be done for 3-4 key resources of the organization. The main topics covered during the training are similar to our VAP course.

Peer-to-Peer Forums

This is a forum for peer organizations and their leaders and founders discussing specific challenges they are facing, personally or professionally. Through questions and shared experiences, the entrepreneurs learn new strategies, and ways to address these specific challenges.  We also have case-studies after each classroom session, and also homework before the next topic, which develops a practice of being prepared and be the future leaders in their enterprises.

There are also forums specific to the leadership and growth strategies through our CEO’s network and expert’s network.

Mentoring Team

Each incubatee organization in the growth stage will be given a mentoring team inclusive of experts from specific technology, the market and industry. This team discusses the challenges and the operational hurdles being faced for the growth and mentor the mentee based on their experiences and how they have successfully managed those challenges. 

There are also mentors for each layer of the pyramid including a Mentor for CEO, Mentor for operations head, Mentor for sales head etc.

Benefits & Uniqueness

  • Allows the founders to transition from managing their operations to become leaders
  • Alignment of the entire management team to achieve the growth objective
  • Hiring the right talent and getting rid of the unsuccessful members of the team
  • Creating a culture of winning and growth
  • Clarity of organization strategy across the entire pyramid structure of the organization
  • Access to leaders, experts and network of advisors ready to help you with your challenges
  • Better control over the organization KPIs and measurements

Core Services provided by Bhau Incubator

Access to shared services AND A LOT MORE

Access to basics like internet and shared services. Not just that get access to COEP physical and intellectual resources

Funding Support

Funding support in terms of access to funding sources and also providing of funds as per availability of funds


Expert business and technology mentoring along with legeal, operational, marketing, HR and IP development seminars

Third Party Serices

High quality credible and negotiated third-party business services like accounting, legal, patenting, website designers, etc.


Experimentation based training focused on thematic-bundling and convergence, by entrepreneurs,  innovators, domain experts from India and abroad

Network and Events

Access to a vibrant ecosystem where you not only get access to events, but you can also create your own event and grow your network

Eligibility &

Selection Criteria

  • Applicant should have a business idea in Cyber Security, Information Security, or Surveillance.
    Selection will be based on the commercial viability of your business idea, innovative technology, the possibility of patenting, market opportunity, scalability of the product/business, the uniqueness of business proposition, and team strength.


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