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Spirit of Bhau Institute

“Bhau means elder brother. An Elder brother is a pillar of strength and support for younger siblings in Indian Culture.” You share a special bond with your elder brother. He is the one you lean on for guidance, support and a helping hand in all your endeavors. This is the spirit of Bhau institute. It is a Startup Incubation Centre which will encourage you not only to find your own calling but go after it unleashing your full potential. It will provide just enough mentoring to give wings to your dreams and ambitions. Bhau Institute desires you to be entrepreneurs in your own right, finding your own place under the sun. You have our support during your entrepreneurship development journey, so that you build a successful startup company.

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At Bhau Institute, we believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverables that advance the state of their start-up…know more

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Bhau Institute is dedicated to facilitating the development of entrepreneurs and creation of start-up companies, to further the goal of economically viable, socially acceptable, and ecologically sustainable development of India…know more

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To cater to the needs of the existing startups and small businesses looking to scale up, an innovative cohort-based accelerator program has been designed. It combines elements of education and incubation to enable these companies to formulate strategies and goals, implement structure and processes, recruit and build teams, and transform their business into a high growth startup…know more

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Another guiding principle of Bhau Institute is to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs and start-ups by linking them to the local and global entrepreneurship ecosystem. With this goal in mind, Bhau institute hosts events either individually, or in partnership with local start-up ecosystem players, corporate partners, or international network affiliates…know more

An Inclusive Institute

Being an inclusive institute for Startup India Initiative, Bhau Institute seeks to provide infrastructure, business incubation programs, and services (Enabling startup formation, incubation, acceleration, and funding), to students, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and the industries across India. To provide maximum value to the community and encourage entrepreneurship development, the institute proactively seeks to support and promote startup companies.

Incubation Thrust Areas

Bhau Institute is dedicated to make way for the growth of young entrepreneurs and creation of startup companies, to further the goal of economically viable, socially acceptable, and ecologically sustainable development of India

This Startup Incubation Centre will realize this mission by providing startup companies access to innovation labs, co-working spaces, shared services, training programs, events, mentors, co-founders, investors, and other business incubation services that will move these startups onto the fast track to success and act as an impetus towards entrepreneurship development.

Bhau’s focus is to develop successful entrepreneurs in grassroots innovations, who will be able to create a larger social impact and also in the areas of Healthcare technologies, Cyber Security and loT.


Grassroot Innovations

Grassroots Innovations refers to the framework of endogenous, unaided innovations by common people at community level [farmers, artisans, pastoralists, workers, and others] without any experience of working in organized sector or assistance from the formal sector…know more

Internet of Things

In line with the DeitY vision of “To develop connected, secure and smart IoT based systems for our country’s Economy, Society, Environment and global needs”, Bhau Institute is focusing on IOT as one of the main areas…know more

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Technologies vertical is of importance to Bhau Institute because it can help solve the complex and challenging societal problem of healthcare for the Indian population…know more

Cyber Security

With the Digital India ambition, the importance of digital risk management cannot be understated as repeatedly highlighted…know more

“Thinking is the capital, Enterprise is the way, Hard Work is the solution”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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