Frequently Asked Questions


We have following models to support your idea/ startup:

Pre- Incubation: Support provide from Idea Validation to Detailed Business plan drafting

Physical Incubation: It is a selective and intensive program. Ideas/ startups selected in this program will have structured training, targeted mentoring, third-party service provider access, funding support, hand-on guidance and access to a global network of co-founders, mentors, investors, and services providers for the incubation period.
Incubation Lite: Resource constrained and early-stage entrepreneurs will be able to utilize the incubator resources to validate their business plans and launch their business in a cost effective manner without having to make significant financial and time commitment. They will be able to use all the facilities of Bhau Institute at a nominal fee along with required mentoring.

Virtual Incubation: Entrepreneurs will be able to:
Receiving mentoring on business opportunity validation
Access to training programs
Limited access to various networking events.

Step 1: Apply to the program through our website by filling and submitting the application form.
Step 2: Shortlisting of start-ups for personal first idea pitching program.
Step 3: Incubation program will start for the selected start-ups after passing through the successful completion of whole process.

NO. It is not necessary to get relocated to Pune fulltime for this program. We have customised our incubation programs to cater to all candidates. Our “Pre-Incubation” and “Virtual Incubation” programs can support offsite start-ups. Majority of the meetings, business, and technical mentoring can be conducted remotely. While we support virtual incubation, we will expect you to be physically present for detailed review once in 2 months, investor’s event, and specific technical and business training, workshops related to the further maturation of your start-ups.

NO. There is no registration fee or any other charges for applying the program.

NO. The IP ownership will remain with the startups.

No. Bhau institute do not provide any upfront seed funding. Once your idea gets validated, Bhau Institute will help you to raise funds with the help of our ecosystem partners of Seed/Angel investors. Bhau Institute will also provide you information on the various government funding schemes. In addition, Bhau Institute will provide you with help in kind via our various technology and industry partners to bring your idea to the minimum viable product (MVP) stage.

YES. An already funded startup is also eligible for the incubation program. However, terms and conditions vary in this case. Please get in touch with us.

Absolutely yes, we highly encourage mid-career and experienced professionals to apply.