Entrepreneurship cell at COEP

Entrepreneurship cell at COEP has witnessed a gradual increase in interest among the students in Pune since 2010. The cell has been organizing various fun and engaging events to inculcate an interest in the start-up culture. Various workshops have been conducted by eminent personalities to motivate the budding entrepreneurs and to teach them ABCs of business planning. The TBI will greatly improve the support to start-ups.

E-Cell Initiatives

Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive

In association with IIT Kharagpur which is aimed at encouraging students to take the leap towards being an entrepreneur.


A simulation of IPL auctions as conducted in the classroom, proved to be a huge crowd puller as the participants experienced a spell of intensive planning, strategy and impulsive decision making.

Business Baazigar

Sets a stage for new and promising start-ups to showcase and even sell their products/services to E-Fest participants having virtual money given by the organizers to spend at their stalls. The virtual money earned by the start-ups was matched by the organizers in real. It also gave them amazing exposure as Investors were present to scrutinize these start-ups.


An intense quiz competition where the participants faced questions on diverse aspects of business, coupled with tit-bits of trivia.

Bull Run

A game on a virtual stock market which taught participants to make wiser investments and helped them to make real-time decisions.


Involved making posters on pre-defined products. Teams with qualifying posters were given a single product to make an advertisement on, each of which was recorded.

Tech for Nation

Was a series of seminars and workshops organized by the ED-Cell. The event shed light on skill development, the role of engineering in rural development, social entrepreneurship, and the role of engineers in nation-building. Symposium was a brainstorming session regarding “Stepping into the Start-up Era”.


In collaboration with E-cell, IIM Calcutta and ED-Cell, COEP organized Inno Venture which was India’s 1st ideation-innovation-entrepreneurship event for children (8-13yrs) nurturing 21st-century skills such as Thinking, Creativity, Social & Emotional Learning, Communication and Practical Life skills and entrepreneurship education.

Coffee Meet

A platform for emerging entrepreneurs to network with each other and to discuss their problems, solutions and additional suggestions to improvise their start-ups.

Pep Talk

Was a one of its kind event where students put themselves in the shoes of a CEO facing a period of apocalypse and displayed their motivational speaking skills to fire up a pseudo-workforce.

The NGO Challenge

Was a test of the students’ social entrepreneurial skills to solve the challenge presented by Ecosan Services Foundation.

Pune StartUp Fest

Pune Startup Fest is an Annual Fest organised by Bhau’s E-Cell, College of Engineering, Pune. Pune Startup Fest is an unique Startup Expo, which provides an excellent platform for numerous students and Start-ups to connect with this ever growing entrepreneurial world. Start-ups and students are given a huge opportunity to develop by giving them access to entrepreneurial resources and networks throughout the community. Variety of events are organised during the fest. Keynote lectures and many speeches by prominent personalities are arranged to inspire the aspiring entrepreneurs. Pune Startup Fest successfully organised its very first edition in 2019. Sky being the limit, Pune Startup Fest is leading towards an even grander second edition in 2020.

For More Information Visit Website:- https://www.punestartupfest.in

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