COEP's Bhau Institute Celebrates World Wind Day 2022

WindEurope, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), and national groups are organizing the Global Wind Day. This day was created to raise public awareness about the advantages of wind energy. In 2007, the inaugural Global Wind Day was held. Since then, the day has been targeted at spreading to different countries and educating people about its possibilities.

One of the most pressing worries in today’s globe is global warming. Wind energy has the potential to be an excellent source of energy for the fastest-growing industrial sectors. The wind is a renewable energy source that can be used instead of fossil fuels. It is an important renewable energy source that is also environmentally benign.

Understanding the importance of this, Startups and established firms are coming ahead to deal with this issue. Bhau Startup Incubation Programme also helps and shelters upcoming startups which have devoted their services toward renewable sources of energy. Maini Renewables, Honeyloop Technologies, xeffiecient are amongst those startups.

Without the need for a dam, Maini Renewables offers a scalable small hydro solution that harnesses the power available in the natural flow of water. The technology makes use of patented rotors that are more efficient. The generator and power electronics are safely housed above water, lowering costs and increasing reliability.

Maini Renewables can install their generators and power electronics over natural flows such as rivers, tides, and ocean currents and manmade structures such as irrigation canals, and industrial and hydro dam tailrace channels.

Wind energy stands as a blessing to mankind. Wind energy stands as never-ending energy which will always carry civilization ahead. As per the words of John Burroughs, “The Fuel on the Earth Will Be Exhausted in a Thousand or More Years, and it is Mineral Wealth, but Man Will Find Substitutes for These in the Winds, the Waves, the Sun’s Heat, and So Forth.”