Corporate Incubation

Bhau institute will work closely with corporate organizations, to become the incubation center for them, focusing on the areas of innovation and incubation in their specific technology areas. The organizations, will be able to leverage Bhau resources to support the research and development of innovative products and then incubate them to be successful startups. These innovations normally fall outside the main stream of corporate innovation pipeline within their organization.


The incubator will offer custom corporate incubation programs to meet the needs of the corporate sector. Companies are interested in using the incubator,

  • As external innovation and start-up creation zone, where some of their technologies are spun out into companies
  • As source of start-ups that can be evaluated for acquisition
  • As a platform where corporates can use their CSR funds to help support the creation and funding of start-ups that are focused on solving social problems in the areas of education, rural development, women entrepreneurship, etc.

Bhau Institute has successfully completed one such corporate program in 2017-18 along with 3DPLM / Dassault Systems. As part of this program, Bhau Institute along with Dassault Systems, successfully incubated 3 startups.

The next corporate program currently undergoing is with Siemens. As part of the Siemens- Bhau Entrepreneurship Promotions Program, we have invited applications for incubation and are in the process of evaluating them for the “Elevator Pitch Day” event.

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