Our vision is to develop a successful entrepreneurship institute model and become one of the top-3 incubators in India for Cyber Security.

The Cyber Security area is ripe for significant innovation because internet penetration in India has shown rapid progress. While rapidly escalating internet growth has opened up multiple opportunities for India’s citizens, it has simultaneously given rise to the very real threat of cybercrime. Investment in IT security systems is considerably low. It has been observed that most business organizations lack even basic IT security systems in India. A report by industry experts reveals that nearly 80 percent of Indian business enterprises have reported data theft through online hacking.

Bhau Incubator will focus on Cyber Security domain as one of the main verticals because:

It has significant implications for

    1. National Security
    2. Economic Growth
    3. Societal Development

Also, this is an area that requires significant commitment in terms of expertise, funding, infrastructure, and resources which most entrepreneurs do not have access to and which Bhau Institute will make available by leveraging COEP and community resources.