Interactive Session on Innovation, Startups & Entrepreneurship

Bhau Institute’s Co-founder and Chief Mentor for the Ignited Innovators of India (i2i) Prof. Sanjay Inamdar, has been spearheading the i2i movement by visiting various parts of Maharashtra for the last over 10 years. He has especially made it a point to visit colleges in remote areas, talk to the students and faculty members and promote the social entrepreneurship i2i of Bhau Institute. On 14th September, Sanjay Inamdar is visiting Pravara Rural Engineering College and talking to the students and the faculty members. The students of the past i2i events from Nagar and Nashik districts are going to come to Pravara Rural Engineering College to meet Inamdar Sir. 

Prof. Inamdar works with the conviction that igniting the minds of young students of rural Maharashtra by working on the ground, visiting different colleges, and talking to students and faculty is the best way to promote social entrepreneurship and Bhau Institute.

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