Our Services

Access to shared services

  • High-speed Internet access and access to servers, printers, copier, and telephones.
  • Shared conference rooms, meeting rooms, innovation labs, and common areas.
  • Access to various research, analysis, and analytical databases, tools, and software.
  • Access to vital tools and equipment needed in the thrust areas of IoT, Healthcare Technologies, Cyber Security, and Grassroots Innovations.
  • Access to COEP labs (including Fab Lab) and physical and intellectual resources. 

Mentoring Support

  • Expert business and technology mentoring.
  • Technology commercialization assistance, including intellectual property advice, product development and corporate formation.
  • Access to legal, marketing, accounting, finance, negotiation, team-management, and organizational development seminars.

Play and Build:

  • We believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverables that advance the state of their start-up.
  • Bhau will provide applied learning and experimentation based training focused on thematic-bundling and convergence, provided by practising entrepreneurs, industry innovators, domain experts from India and abroad, using live case studies, field work, simulation labs, and other innovative approaches.
  • Training will be provided in the modules of venture creation, venture launch, venture acceleration, and venture exchange.
  • Upskilling training for Bhau’s thrust areas of IoT, Cyber Security and Health-Care Technologies. 

Funding Support:

  • Access to funding sources and also providing funds as per availability of funds.
  • Access to our funding partners like Indian Angels Network, Venture Capital funds, Private Equity Investors and HNIs from India and abroad.
  • Access to corporate CSR funds through Bhau Institute corporate CSR partners
  • Support in applying to government funding schemes of SIDBI, NABARD, and DST. 

Third-Party Services:

  • Bhau institute has identified high quality credible third-party business service providers and negotiated with them to provide various levels and types of services to the incubatee companies.
  • Access to legal, marketing, patenting, website designing, accounting, and financial service providers.
  • The goal is to reduce the burden on incubatee companies that comes from the fact that these start-ups don’t have the time, expertise, and money to identify and engage high-quality credible service providers.


  • Locally integrated and globally connected events to enable cross-border collaboration for start-up creation.
  • Corporate sponsored or hosted events either individually, or in partnership with local start-up ecosystem players, corporate partners, or international network affiliates.
  • Events of local and global eco-system partners associated with Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership.
  • Investors pitch related events.
  • Provide support to the events of the Bhau start-ups.

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