Startups for the Environment Will Certainly Inspire You. Here's How!

At a time when most countries recognize the need to cut carbon emissions and have declared their desire to take action, it appears that just a few countries around the world are doing their part to address the massive carbon footprint created by mankind over the last century.

Increasing temperatures, unsanitary water, and rising levels of air pollution are just a few of the consequences of our environment’s frighteningly rising carbon footprint. On the occasion of World Environment Day, we take a look at five Indian businesses operating in a variety of fields with the common goal of making our planet greener. COEP’s Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership hosts green startups to help our environment survive and thrive.

Greenovate Solutions is a research-based start-up within NCL Innovation Park’s Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, as well as the Venture Center. To address environmental challenges, they build pollution-prevention solutions that promote the use of cleantech and sustainability. They derive solutions from fundamental chemical engineering concepts, which Greenovate then alters, research, and improves to solve the challenge. They create patented technology and attempt to put them into practice in the industry. Greenovate Solution wants to create technologies that are both sustainable and beneficial to the environment.

Greenovate Solutions creates pollution-prevention technology that promotes the use of cleantech and sustainability to help save the environment and minimize pollution.

Bhau Startup Incubation Programme habitats environment-friendly startups like Cresa GreenTech. They’re working on sanitary napkins that dissolve and disintegrate in hot water as soon as they’re used! Only hot water is required as a medium! We’ve utilized a natural, biodegradable, chemical-free sanitary napkin and its Dissolving bin for easy, safe, and quick disposal in the privacy of your own toilet or washroom, thanks to their proprietary technique!

Their objective is to provide a sustainable future to the current period hygiene scenario, leaving no microplastic behind and allowing women to dispose of their menstrual products with ease.

Another upcoming Green-Lifestyle advertising startup is Small Spark Concept. They are the inventors and young engineers who discover and overcome barriers and act in the best interests of society by adding measurable and quantifiable value at each level of the process of turning revolutionary ideas into simple, user-friendly solutions.

To make people’s lives easier, they convert ideas into Minimum Viable Valuable Validated Products. They believe that beauty is found in the details; those minute details that go unnoticed and unnoticed are the ones that fit into the design and do the job; without them, the purpose is lost.